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The needs and interests of landscape design clients are unique. While general marketing principles apply, they must be edited and refined for your particular audience's expectations. We know how to do that, and just as important, we LOVE landscape design.

Below, you can learn about the specific services we offer to our clients.

Landscape Marketing Experts
Garden Features

That special garden you designed that showcases your talent? It deserves in-depth coverage. To write the story of a garden you've designed, we learn about all aspects of your design philosophy and the work you have done to create a particular garden. We approach the story just as we do when we have an assignment from a magazine. To show potential clients your expertise, you can post a garden feature on your website to showcase your work, print and distribute it, and share in via social media. Here's an example.

Landscape Marketing Experts
Garden Profiles

The portfolio page on your website has beautiful photos of gardens you have designed, but what about the words? The description of each project should clearly convey how you created the space, the way you collaborated with your client, and the features that need to be highlighted. As professional garden writers, we know exactly what questions to ask and how to frame the story of each garden in short form. Garden profiles can also be used in your brochure or on your social media channels. Click for an example.

Landscape Marketing Experts
360° Marketing

Trust your marketing efforts to a team led by an expert in your field. We know landscape architecture, and we also understand what your clients are looking for. We craft customized marketing plans and content that speaks your language--and your clients' language. Our expertise in using content to influence client decision-making allows us to develop strategies that will best leverage marketing content on your website, in your eNewsletter, and via social media. Discover what we mean by 360° marketing by clicking HERE.

Some Garden Stories We've Written
Landscape Marketing Experts

​Story in Garden Design  magazine about a winery garden designed by Thomas Hobbs.

Landscape Marketing Experts

Story about the many benefits of gardening with kids in Orlando Magazine.

Landscape Marketing Experts

Story in Garden Design  magazine about a rooftop garden designed by Sawyer/Berson.

Landscape Marketing Experts portfolio

Story in Organic Life magazine magazine about the landscape in Rosemary Beach, Florida.

Now that you have gotten to know what we do, check out the many posts on our blog for marketing ideas to grow your business, as well as inspiration for using engaging garden content across multiple platforms. Click HERE.