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Davis Dalbok

Are you familiar with the design work of Davis Dalbok? If you’re an enthusiastic garden maker, chances are you have. You can now get inside his head, thanks to Landscape Marketing Experts writer Megan Padilla, who contributes to Garden Design magazine regularly. Once an editor for the magazine and now a frequent contributor, Megan has an insider’s view of the world of gardens and the people who make them.

Who is Davis Dalbok?

The recent issue included her feature about San Francisco designer and purveyor Davis Dalbok. This was not Davis’s first foray into the magazine. Megan wrote about his personal garden in a previous issue.

Interested in reading Megan’s most recent story about Davis? It isn’t online yet…you should subscribe to Garden Design today! Click here for a sneak peek at the issue.

Why You Need to Know Our Writers

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Sarah Ristorcelli is a writer and editor with 20 years of experience in publishing and communications. As Director of Business Development at Orlando Content Marketing, she has focused her attention on digital communications and marketing development for landscape designers and garden-related products.

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