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A few months ago, I posted to the blog about my visit to a small native plant nursery in Winter Garden, Florida. Since then, I pitched and wrote a feature about gardening the natural way in Central Florida, and I was able to spend quality time with the knowledgeable team at Biosphere Nursery, and they figured magically into the story.

The feature was just published in the April issue of Orlando Magazine. Take a look!

My hope is that my neighbors in our corner of the world–from manicured Dr. Phillips to wild Apopka–will think about the positive impact they can make on the environment by making good choices in their yards. It’s easy to think that one yard can’t make a difference, but as we discovered when speaking with Zen Silva, general manager of the nursery. When they restore a lakefront property by removing exotics and planting non-invasives that also attract wildlife, and teaching homeowners natural gardening techniques so they aren’t feeding the lake with fertilizer, the lake quality begins to improve. Their neighbors notice, and soon the Biosphere team is called in to restore properties on the same lake. This is how the environment is sustainably managed.

Do you have expertise in sustainable design and gardening? Make sure that knowledge is integrated into your marketing materials. The 2017 Garden Trends Report showed that customers are tuned to the environment’s centrality in their lives, and are making buying decisions accordingly.

A growing number of American consumers describe themselves as “health conscious” or “ingredient sensitive,” and a majority say they pay close attention to the ingredients in the food they buy. Demand for clean food, clean water, clean air, clean medicine and clean environments is dramatically shifting how people buy plants and products, and garden both inside and out.

Sarah Ristorcelli

Sarah Ristorcelli is a writer and editor with 20 years of experience in publishing and communications. As Director of Business Development at Orlando Content Marketing, she has focused her attention on digital communications and marketing development for landscape designers and garden-related products.

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