January 23, 2017

Biosphere Nursery: A New Story

Biosphere Nursery

A few weeks ago, my mom and I went to a really cool little nursery in Winter Garden called Biosphere Nursery. My mom was looking for some plants for her backyard, and I was just hanging out. While I was strolling between the Florida natives and Florida-friendly non-invasives (the only two options at Biosphere), I spotted a gorgeous mound of something called Scorpion’s Tail.

Biosphere NurseryI had to have it. There’s a bare border beside the path to my backyard that has needed something that can tolerate shade, and that’s been hard to find. This was it.

In Florida, the majority of nurseries sell plants for full sun, because most homes get such intense, direct sunlight. This is the Sunshine State, after all. My yard is a little weird. There’s no place to plant in the front, the planting areas on the sides of the house are shaded by nearby houses, and my backyard is under the cover of a large oak tree. This is fantastic news for my power bill, but problematic when it comes to finding plants.

As I explored the rest of the nursery, I found many shade-tolerant plants–many of which have blooms–and I soon realized I was in a very special place. I’ve been to most of Central Florida’s nurseries, but rarely have I come across one that offers such unusual variety, and all native or non-invasive.

Biosphere Nursery

My next thought was that this magical place, which is out of the way and not very well-known, needs to be found by more people. I pitched a story to Orlando Magazine, and they said yes. This week, I will sit down with the staff at Biosphere and listen as they describe the makings of their cool little universe. I’m so excited! Judging from the limited experience I’ve had at Biosphere Nursery, I’m confident there will be many more revelations during my next visit. Soon, all of Central Florida will know about it.

Sarah Ristorcelli

Sarah Ristorcelli is a writer and editor with 20 years of experience in publishing and communications. As Director of Business Development at Orlando Content Marketing, she has focused her attention on digital communications and marketing development for landscape designers and garden-related products.