Inner Gardens

We provide Stephen Block and his team with ongoing consulting on all his marketing endeavors. This includes the development of email and mail campaigns, web content, in-store promotions, long-term strategy and more.

I've known Sarah Ristorcelli of Orlando Content Marketing for 15 years. She was an editor when I met her, and she covered my work in her magazine. Now, she consults with me on my marketing, and we have a shorthand in our conversations that's refreshing. She understands gardens, she understands design, and she understands my market. We speak the same language, so it's easy to make a plan and execute it. Her consulting isn't just talk. She has examples and stats to back up her suggestions, so our projects sail forward smoothly.

Stephen Block
Owner, Inner Gardens


Visit for a curated collection of modern, durable outdoor furniture and decor. It is unlike any other eCommerce site on the web because a landscape designer, Elizabeth Montgomery, concepted it and brought it to life. Who better to know what will work in the garden? Landscape Marketing experts develops campaigns and content to increase Boxhill's visibility and grow sales.

Grace Design Associates

When Margie Grace and her team wanted to develop a blog, they reached out to Orlando Content Marketing for advice. Soon after, The Art of Outdoor Living was born. The blog expresses the design firm's original ideas about design and lifestyle, telling stories of the adventures and experiences of the principal Margie.

Montecito Landscape

Chris and Lisa Cullen of Montecito Landscape have been creating gorgeous residential gardens for over 40 years, but their previous website didn't express their full range or depth of experience. Nor did it actively engage potential new clients. We created new content to tell their story and position them as the leading garden designers in the Montecito area, including clear calls to action and a blog full of advice and applicable ideas.

Inner Gardens showroom in Los Angeles, California