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Sarah Ristorcelli

A little about my background: I'm Sarah Kinbar Ristorcelli, the former editor of Garden Design, a magazine about the design of landscapes, lifestyles borne of gardens, and the people and plants who make that happen. Garden Design has been to all corners of our country, plus Europe, Latin America, and Asia. During my time at the magazine, gardens impressed me, they wooed me, they stunned me, and they grew me.

My passion for gardens was sparked in my twenties when I worked as a floral designer while studying at the University of Central Florida. Getting my fingers on dahlias, roses, larkspur, delphinium, gerbera daisies and all my favorite flowers, I learned to effectively use color, texture, and scale to make tiny gardens...in vases.

In my current role as Co-founder and Director of Business Development at Orlando Content Marketing, I have focused my attention on digital communications, developing content for website redesigns, blogs and marketing campaigns for landscape architecture firms and garden brands of all kinds.

Landscape Marketing Experts

Megan Padilla

I’m a longtime travel, garden and lifestyle writer whose had the pleasure of working with Sarah as part of the edit team at Garden Design magazine. That’s where I learned that every garden has a unique sense of place: the intersection of geography, art, history and the heart and soul of those who created and inhabit it.

It is the garden makers who astonish and inspire me with their passion for the natural world and how we live in it. Theirs are the stories I most love to write and share.

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