August 1, 2017

5 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing a Landscape Design Business

marketing a landscape design business

Designing landscape art bears a resemblance to creating an effective content marketing strategy: the quality of the design makes or breaks your business. There is both science and art behind designing the perfect landscape as well as designing the most effective content marketing strategy.

Just as with landscape design, an effective content marketing strategy must be planned and well-informed. The strategy must be maintained on a consistent basis and updated when trends change. We know you’re all about attention to detail, so you’ll love learning how you can avoid making the following five mistakes when marketing a landscape design business.

1. Designing without a plan. Designing landscape art requires laying down a blueprint and assessing the quality and the feasibility of the plan. Therefore, garden design businesses should not be so eager to publish content that they forget to lay the groundwork before they do so. Publishing content too early or too soon, or publishing irrelevant content due to poor planning is a fatal mistake. Take the time to analyze who your target customers are, where they consume content, and what is the value of your offer.

2. Writing a content marketing strategy with a short sight. Designing landscape art necessitates thinking ahead: how will the plants react in the fall? What are the costs to upkeep the design? In content marketing, seasoned experts know how to go beyond just publishing a blog post. Experts will also convert the material into a webinar, a podcast, a whitepaper, an infographic, and into as many other forms needed to reach new clients.

3. Not understanding your audience. As a master landscape artist, you know what your client wants and you know exactly how to deliver it within the budget. In content marketing, it is crucial to understand the content viewers are excited to see and will gladly share. Get to know your audience through outreach. Customer surveys, interviews, and surveys can all provide terrific insights into your audience.

4. Publishing without promoting. Just like simply creating artistic landscape designs is not enough to promote your business, simply publishing a blog post is not enough to create an effective marketing strategy. Posting content without sharing it is one of the classic content marketing mistakes. Publish your content on the right social media platforms and in different formats to maximize your exposure.

5. Publishing junk. Just like you wouldn’t plant junk in your client’s backyard, you wouldn’t want to publish junk on the Internet simply for the sake of publishing. Junk content will not resonate with your audience and will not be shared with potential customers. Publishing junk harms your brand and is detrimental to your content marketing strategy.

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Diana Rapeanu

Diana Rapeanu is a Canadian author and Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) who writes about business and entrepreneurship. Diana understands that every business is unique and should be treated differently. Her goal is to help small businesses make more money and gain more market share from the giants.

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