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August 1, 2017

Every Garden Has a Secret: How to Tell Your Story to Your Clients

Every flower has a story and every garden has a secret. As a landscape designer, you are a natural storyteller. You design landscapes that tell a story and create art that expresses a message.

As part your branding, it is important to translate the story your designs tell into a story you can tell your clients. Translate your passion for storytelling and simplify your message to better connect with customers.

Just as landscape design is feast for the eyes, a good story is music to the ears of your clients.

Nothing powers the human brain faster than when you tell your story.


A Story Incorporates Answers to Popular Questions

Telling a good story needs strong preparation. Gather all the questions your potential clients might have. Is the garden high-maintenance? How much water will it need?

When time comes to tell the story, make sure you incorporate the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Answering relevant questions keeps your potential clients engaged and warms up the leads.

Your story should flow seamlessly. It should not be a boring series of questions and answers. Seduce your potential clients with words, just as they seduce their loved ones with flowers.


Deliver a Clear Message

You must deliver a clear-cut message, a message that is simple, concise, and straight to the point. Why are you better than your competitors? Why should a client do business with you?

By failing to deliver a clear message, you are no longer telling a good story: you are now just making noise. Take a looksee at your website. Is it easily possible for your customers to understand how you can make their lives better?

For a customer to be living your story and engaging in your content, they have to understand how you can help them live a better life. So, when was the last time you analyzed your brand message, and all of the corresponding marketing materials and media that you release out into the world?

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August 1, 2017

Use Humor to Sell Your Landscape Design Services

use humor to sell

Do you incorporate humour in your sales pitch when you are selling your landscape design services? Do you bond with your clients by sharing the same sense of humour? Do your witty comments and your funny puns make you a more pleasant business person? The best salespeople use humor to sell.

Yes, you’re a designer, but if you own a landscape design business, you have to put on your salespeople hat and own that role, or you won’t grow. Consider that content marketing (eNewsletters, blog posts, social media posts, etc) are all a part of your sales efforts, and humor has a place in them.

The Importance of Humour

I say, make me laugh, make me remember. The most unforgettable ad campaigns are filled with humour. People remember the ads, share the ads with their friends, and – most importantly – remember to buy the products.

Humour plays an important role in content marketing. According to Nielsen’s extensive research, humour is an important messaging theme that resonates best with European and with North American audiences. Humorous themes are followed closely by themes that depict real-life situations.

How to Infuse Your Content with Humour

You can sparingly add humour to all your content. For example, puns can easily be inserted into your blog posts. Pictures with funny captions can be transformed into memes. Punchy tweets can be liked and shared galore.

Add some humour in your whitepapers to retain the reader’s attention. Joke around in your videos and keep the mood light in your podcasts.

Find words that rhyme with your product name and pick the funny ones. Consider looking at your marketing channels to determine where you can insert some well-delivered wit or comedy.

Not in the mood to crack a joke? Try googling jokes, or maybe getting inspirational quotes from Pinterest. Even if you did get your inspiration from the Internet, I wouldn’t tell. My tulips are sealed 😉

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August 1, 2017

Overcoming Writer’s Block for Landscape Designers

You know your business inside out. You’d think you’d be the best-qualified person to write about your business, and yet you have the writer’s block. 

Why You Struggle with Overcoming Writer’s Block for Landscape Designers

You have so many ideas stuck in your head. You have much to say and yet nothing comes out on paper. It is so frustrating!

Sometimes, lacking the time to devote to writing effective blog posts is sufficiently stressful to generate a writer’s block.

Perhaps you lose yourself in the little details and struggle to see the bigger picture. You can’t see the forest for the trees.

It could be just a matter of perspective. You know your garden designs inside out and are already convinced you offer the best landscaping services. The reasons your landscape art is amazing are so obvious to you that it can be hard to understand the perspective of a customer who still needs convincing.

You might think of yourself as an expert landscape designer but not as a professional blogger, which further heightens the stress and accentuates the writer’s block.

Luckily, talking about your landscaping business to someone who understands you and who cares about your business can help your situation.

Get a Pro to Help

Talking to a content marketing expert about your landscaping business helps you put things into perspective. Discussing with a pro helps you organize your thoughts and your ideas.

Marketing professionals have the skills and the know-how to take an objective look at your business. They will help you figure out what you need to say to convey your message the right way.

You will not lose control by hiring a pro. You don’t have to worry about losing your voice because content marketing agencies won’t “take over” your messaging.

Marketing pros will support your landscaping business and will build on it. They will closely work with you to create messages and content that sounds like something you’d say.

Getting a pro is an ideal situation for busy business owners and landscape designers who just don’t have the time or the words to say what needs to be said.

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August 1, 2017

Effective Content Marketing for Garden Designers

Effective Content Marketing for Garden Designers

When you are new to content marketing, you may be tempted to think that it’s as easy as writing, publishing, and getting instant results. That would be the equivalent of planting a seed, watering it a little bit, and expecting a full-fledged garden to emerge. Effective content marketing for garden designers can be complicated, but in a good way. Some complexities in life lead down a rabbit trail. Others come with answers and definition: that’s the case here.

Let’s take a look at 10 features of great content marketing strategies that you can apply to your landscape business. These features will help you generate results with deep roots that will withstand all sorts of weather.

1. Your content answers your customer’s questions. Post content that answers the questions customers type into their Google searches. You can find out what questions people have using the Google Ads Keyword Planner. 

2. Your posts add value to the reader. People who are satisfied with the quality of the answers they get from reading your blog posts are more inclined to do business with you.

3. Your blog builds credibility. Build a blog that showcases your expertise and that demonstrates your competencies. Even though many designers think of blogs as a thing of the past, the new blogging approach is definitely an element of effective content marketing for garden designers.

4. Your blog is not salesy. Just like you can’t force a plant to grow in your garden, you can’t push a sale too hard on your blog. Let your blog be informative, educational, and interesting. A strong sales pitch is unadvisable, but a subtle call to action is acceptable.

5. Your content is unique. Unique content stands out. Post beautiful and professional pictures of your landscape designs. Go bold on infographics. Stand out from the crowd!

6. Your posts are relevant. Ensure your posts drive your reader though the customer journey and turn a cold lead into a warm lead.

7. Your posts are easy to read. Allow readers to easily obtain the information they are looking for.

8. Your content is in the right format. Try transforming statistics into eye-catching infographics and turning how-to manuals into fun videos.

9. Your blog is well-written. Your blog is a reflection of your business. Make sure your image is impeccable and consider hiring a professional to design a good impression.

10. Your posts are concise. Readers want content that is quickly digested. Since time is money, your posts should answer questions concisely.

In reading these tips, can you identify effective content marketing for garden designers? Chances are, you can incorporate some or all of these tips into your plan immediately.

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August 1, 2017

5 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing a Landscape Design Business

marketing a landscape design business

Designing landscape art bears a resemblance to creating an effective content marketing strategy: the quality of the design makes or breaks your business. There is both science and art behind designing the perfect landscape as well as designing the most effective content marketing strategy.

Just as with landscape design, an effective content marketing strategy must be planned and well-informed. The strategy must be maintained on a consistent basis and updated when trends change. We know you’re all about attention to detail, so you’ll love learning how you can avoid making the following five mistakes when marketing a landscape design business.

1. Designing without a plan. Designing landscape art requires laying down a blueprint and assessing the quality and the feasibility of the plan. Therefore, garden design businesses should not be so eager to publish content that they forget to lay the groundwork before they do so. Publishing content too early or too soon, or publishing irrelevant content due to poor planning is a fatal mistake. Take the time to analyze who your target customers are, where they consume content, and what is the value of your offer.

2. Writing a content marketing strategy with a short sight. Designing landscape art necessitates thinking ahead: how will the plants react in the fall? What are the costs to upkeep the design? In content marketing, seasoned experts know how to go beyond just publishing a blog post. Experts will also convert the material into a webinar, a podcast, a whitepaper, an infographic, and into as many other forms needed to reach new clients.

3. Not understanding your audience. As a master landscape artist, you know what your client wants and you know exactly how to deliver it within the budget. In content marketing, it is crucial to understand the content viewers are excited to see and will gladly share. Get to know your audience through outreach. Customer surveys, interviews, and surveys can all provide terrific insights into your audience.

4. Publishing without promoting. Just like simply creating artistic landscape designs is not enough to promote your business, simply publishing a blog post is not enough to create an effective marketing strategy. Posting content without sharing it is one of the classic content marketing mistakes. Publish your content on the right social media platforms and in different formats to maximize your exposure.

5. Publishing junk. Just like you wouldn’t plant junk in your client’s backyard, you wouldn’t want to publish junk on the Internet simply for the sake of publishing. Junk content will not resonate with your audience and will not be shared with potential customers. Publishing junk harms your brand and is detrimental to your content marketing strategy.

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