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What the 2017 Garden Trends Report Means For Your Business

garden trends report

When you hear the phrase garden trends report you might think, “But my clients aren’t trend chasers.” Garden Media Group’s annual trend report isn’t about that. It’s about observing areas of growth in our industry, and giving you free access to consumer information that will drive business in 2017.

Here are a few highlights that are especially meaningful for garden designers, because they emphasize elements of home gardens that your clients are more likely to want in the near future. Maybe your clients are already asking for these things.

Knowing what potential clients are likely to want before you even meet them helps you shape your marketing efforts. Your eNewsletter, your website, your brochure, and your social media posts should showcase how you provide these desirable garden elements.

I don’t mean to detract from a designer’s holistic approach to designing a garden, and once you read the report, you’ll understand that the most popular garden elements are likely already baked into the way you design. So, I’m not encouraging you to change who you are as a designer in light of this report. Rather, the report helps you adjust your marketing efforts, so you can more effectively sign new clients.

And now for the highlights:

  1. The Garden Trends Report shows that clean fresh food is a necessity, not a luxury.

When Liz Klein designed my mother’s garden in Austin, Texas, about eight years ago, she sited a raised bed veggie garden in the back corner where it would get good light. Fresh food was a priority for my mom then, and now it’s high on everyone’s list. Why? The demand for organic, local food exceeds the supply. People are ever more conscious of what they put in their bodies, and when you grow your own food, you control what goes into its making. As the report underscores, Americans now demand to know what is in and on their food – and where it comes from. Consumers today are demanding products that are clean and “free” from pesticides, antibiotics, preservatives, and cages. This clean food movement and lack of locally grown, organic food is causing a profound shift in the food world that is dramatically affecting gardening.

Do your marketing materials include pictures of the veggie gardens you’ve designed? Do you showcase your edible gardening expertise?

  1. People understand that gardens contribute to their overall wellness.

healing gardens

Over a decade ago, when Michelle Derviss was dealing with some serious health challenges, she created a garden for herself where she could relax and recover. She already knew when the rest of us are catching on to: that mental health, wellness and quality of life are directly affected by gardens, and trees in particular.

Read the 2017 Garden Trends Report for details on which garden elements contribute most directly to wellness, and examine your marketing materials in the light of the knowledge you gain from the report.

  1. Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases are driving people to look for ways to control mosquitoes naturally.

natural pest control

As a garden designer, you should be cornering the market on natural pest control. You understand the ecology of the garden, but do your marketing materials reflect this expertise?

As the report states, Using nature to help keep your yard insect free is economical, educational and fun and doesn’t harm the environment. You are in a unique position to correctly guide clients by explaining how you factor natural mosquito control into your designs. Plants that attract birds and bats; plants that naturally emit bug-repelling chemicals; attractive bird and bat houses: these all make great topics for your blog.  

There’s no reason you shouldn’t include an entire page on your website about natural pest control. People will be searching google with terms that can lead them to your page, so you need to invite them by using the right keywords.

If you don’t have experience with positioning your garden and landscape design business to appeal to the most current consumer desires, or if you aren’t well-versed in digital marketing best practices that help you capture search traffic, we’re here for you. That’s our wheelhouse: using proven digital marketing strategies to help people like you — people with garden businesses — grow.

We would love to chat with you, so contact us anytime for a free consultation by emailing or calling 407-461-4368.

October 1, 2016

How My Latest Story on Water Features Came Together

water features

Most days, I’m immersed in marketing projects for our clients. Many of them are in the landscape design field, and I thoroughly enjoy creating strategies for them so they can expand their reach and grow their businesses. Once in a while, I get an editorial writing project, like the assignment from Orlando Magazine on water features. I reached out to friends in the industry for their best tips–after all, who is better positioned to discuss water features than landscape designers?

I called Phil Maddux, president of Fernando Wong Outdoor Living Design in Miami, Florida. He has created some of Florida’s most beautiful residential landscapes (plus many outside of Florida, and not only residential designs), and he shared some of his firm’s most recent fountain and pool projects. Having visited dozens of his projects with him over the years, I knew he’d point me in the right direction.

Then I called Stephen Block, the owner of Inner Gardens in Los Angeles. Stephen in one of the foremost experts on garden antiques, and has taken me to dozens of gardens that he’s designed, too. Each one is exquisite, and because he’s so particular, I was sure his ideas and advice would be spot on.

I admit I’m a Carolyn Mullet groupie, and follow every one of her Facebook posts. She shared photos of a gorgeous pond garden in Sarasota, and after some online snooping, I was able to track down Ana Bowers, its creator.

My story was quickly taking shape, and after lots of emails and phone calls, it gelled. Now it’s been published in the October issue of Orlando Magazine, and I’m so excited about it! The photos are gorgeous, but more than that, the words of wisdom from my landscape designer friends could not be more apt. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it. Click HERE.