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Landscape Marketing Experts

Are you a garden designer? 

Feature your garden design projects as they would appear in a glossy magazine.

The quality of a magazine feature gives you something to share with potential clients on your website and through your social media channels. It tells the story of your design work the way only a professional garden writer can.  

landscape marketing experts

What if magazine-quality coverage of your design work was available right now?

Well, it IS available right now. We can create a feature-style story like this about one of your designs. The writers at Landscape Marketing Experts have been writing for top magazines for over a decade, and they are ready to write YOUR stories.

Some Garden Stories We've Written

Landscape Marketing Experts

Story in Garden Design magazine about a winery garden designed by Thomas Hobbs.

Landscape Marketing Experts

Story about the many benefits of gardening with kids in Orlando Magazine.

Landscape Marketing Experts

Story in Garden Design magazine about a rooftop garden designed by Sawyer/Berson.

Landscape Marketing Experts portfolio

Story in Organic Life magazine about the landscape in Rosemary Beach, Florida.

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